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Having a confident smile opens doors both professionally and personally. It lets people know you are approachable. Dr. Lee made sure my smile was everything I wanted it to be. He took my overbite with a gap and turned it into a 1000 watt smile. Kailee Horvath

Children’s Braces

I have two children that are being treated by Dr. Lee.  One is 13 years old, and one is 9 years old.  They both have somewhat difficult cases, and Dr. Lee has been wonderful! The kids love Dr. Lee and his staff and have never been nervous or anxious about treatment. He is very patient and explains everything! We never have to wait for our appointment and the later hours are very helpful!

Caroline R.

Flexible Schedule

I began to come to this office after Dr. Lee advised me to. I used to see him in a different office but going to Loudoun Orthodontics gave me a much more flexible schedule to work with. The assistants are all very kind and gentle while they’re working on you. I’ve never had an issue and have always left smiling, never stressed or concerned. Dr. Lee and his staff make you feel extremely welcome every time that you walk in the office, giving the place a very laid-back and homely vibe.

Matt Seu

Invisalign Treatment

I just completed 12 months of Invisalign treatment and couldn’t be happier with Dr. Lee and the entire staff. Everyone was always very courteous and the Dr. never made you wait to be seen. Explained everything and the results were better than expected. Always filed my insurance claims for me and payments were easy to set up or take care of in a number of different ways. Highly recommended!

James M.

Friendly & On Time

Dr. Lee and his staff are the best! Everyone is professional and friendly and our appointments are always on time. I was really impressed with how they made sure that both of my children (teens) fully understood the process for straightening their teeth and now my kids actually look forward to their regular visits and color change! The payment plan fits my budget and scheduling appointments is a breeze. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and Loudoun Orthodontics.

Cheryl Doty

Honest & Caring

Dr. Richard Lee and his staff are amazing. He is a very honest and caring Dr. Office never makes you wait to be seen and he is one of the most honest and caring Dr.’s I have seen in a long time.  If you are anyone you know is in need of Orthodontic treatment I would look no further, he is the one to go to. His honesty and caring for his patients are amazing.

Crystal H.

Adult Braces

Being in my 40’s, I was a bit apprehensive about getting braces; however, I found the overall experience with Dr. Lee to be very pleasant. His staff is very nice, their client management top notch (e.g. no waits, effective insurance processing, and so forth), and his office state of the art. Dr. Lee’s communications skills are great as he outlines options and associated benefits so that it’s straightforward to choose the best option. I’m about half way through, but I can see that the results will be great. Highly recommend Dr. Lee.

X. R

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